Want to be a killer speaker but don’t know where to start?

Sign up for an upcoming Signature crash course workshop that speaks to you or check out our individual coaching options. Once a month join Nicole Wells and a small group of ambitious professionals to get schooled on the art of persuasion and commanding the attention of the room with clarity and confidence. Have 4 or more? Book a customized group session.


Never Sound Unprepared Again (even if you are)

Whether in office meetings, client phone calls or unexpected curve ball questions being thrown at you during a presentation, you can't be prepared for everything that comes your way. Or can you? This workshop will teach you how to come off like an expert and authority, even when you don’t know the answer.


Public Speaking for Lawyers

Attorneys need public speaking skills for more than the courtroom.  Lawyers’ reputations are shaped by how they present themselves before clients, business executives, among peers, at conferences and in media interviews.  In this webinar, you’ll learn how to improve your public speaking skills. 


Get Over the Fear and Into Confidence

Does the idea of standing up in front of a crowd make you want to hurl? Get out of that rut with strategies that will turn you into the cool, calm, collected public speakers you admire.


Speak Your Truth: Like A Badass! (4-Week Telecourse) 

This 4-week telecourse will teach you how to stand up to the internal bully in your head and the external bullies in your life so that you communicate with confidence and authenticity. 


Brain Training: Accomplish Your Goals and Get Sh*t Done

Everyone experiences a running dialogue that plays inside their minds all day long.  The quality of that conversation has a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and your ability to navigate work and life obstacles.  You can take control of the conversation and make it work for and not against you. By doing that, you can stop wasting time procrastinating, avoiding risk, and accomplish more towards your goals faster. You know you are capable of more – so let’s harness that part of you and train your brain.


Speak Wells for Powerful Presentations

Come with your 5 minute opening for an upcoming presentation and learn techniques to instantly engage and amaze your audience. We’ll work on everything from delivery to preparation to the flow of your content.