Individual Coaching

Working one-on-one even for just a couple of hours can dramatically increase your skills and abilities. Depending on your needs, we will recommend focusing on one or more of the topics below. If you have 4 or more people and want group coaching, contact us.

Clients can purchase one session or a multi-session package. Each session is customized to your needs and can be done in person or via Skype or FaceTime. Select a package that works best for you.


Get Started: Speak Wells Intensive  

Start by booking a Speak Wells Intensive session: a one-on-one intensive session with Nicole to identify and compartmentalize your communication strengths, shortcomings and goals to make you the best version of you. Receive a clear blueprint that identifies areas to improve, and highlights the unique features you have.

This eye-opening experience will redesign the way you think by showing you the skills you didn’t know you have, and habits you didn’t know you needed to leave in the past. By the end you will be crystal clear on the incredible potential you have to Speak Wells.

Speak Wells Intensive Session: $597

Already know your strengths and weaknesses? Then it's time to UP YOUR SPEAKING GAME.


Three Sessions in-person customized package, all tailored to your needs!

This package includes:

  • 3 individual coaching sessions
  • 3 individual coaching phone calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • Video files and review



Six Sessions in-person customized package, all tailored to your needs!

This package includes:

Sample Topics We Cover

Presentation Refinement aka. Presentation Rescue

Work on the delivery, preparation, and content so you rock your next presentation. 

Get Over the Fear

If you fear public speaking more than death, you’re not alone. We’ve helped hundreds of people get over their fear and step into the limelight with confidence.

Ace the Interview and Land the Client/Job of Your Dreams

From how to make a winning first impression that will set the interview up for success, to how to nail even the toughest questions with poise and confidence.

Accent Reduction

If you want to feel more comfortable speaking to an audience by reducing the prominence of your accent, this coaching session is for you.

Develop your Speaking Voice

Master voice projection techniques and build a confident speaking voice so you’re never asked to “speak up” again.

Mindset Reset (aka. Hypnosis)

For certain people, the biggest hurdle to effective public speaking is their perceptions around it. We are trained in the art of conversational change, which can be a short cut for overcoming internal doubts.

Have Questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ page, here.

Are you a Group? Have 4 or more people?

We offer our signature workshops on site for your groups, which can be paired with individual attention for attendees for a full-day or half-day sessions. Learn More.