For groups, foundations or corporations:

We offer our signature workshops on site for your groups, which can be paired with individual attention for attendees for a full-day or two half-day sessions.


Speak Wells for Powerful Presentations:

Build your team’s presentation skills with techniques that will help them instantly engage their audiences. We’ll work on everything from delivery to preparation to the flow of content.
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Never Sound Unprepared Again (even if you are):

Whether in office meetings, client phone calls, or presentations, you can’t be prepared for everything that comes your way. Or can you? This workshop will teach your team how to come off like an expert and authority in high pressure situations, even when they don’t know the answer.
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Tomorrow’s Leaders Speak Really Wells:

Groom your executives and executive wannabes into the powerful leaders your company needs. This is a must training for existing and future high level executives.
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Public Speaking for Lawyers:

Lawyers, particularly new lawyers, are often challenged with delivering delicate and complicated information with conviction without overstepping their authority or making empty promises. Help your associates learn the art of conveying information to their client or jury successfully through delivery.
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