Frequently Asked Questions
 An interview with Nicole Wells

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How do you work?

Face to face either in your offices, my conference space, via Skype or Facetime.

  • Before we get together you will fill out a questionnaire and we will have a phone conversation to set our goals for the session.
  • During the session you will present and set up a baseline presentation. Depending upon your needs, we’ll work on organizing your thoughts, preparation techniques, what to do with your hands, slowing down your pace, etc. You will get concrete feedback on what is working well and where you can improve. From there we may do a dive into "Lake You" and come up with strategies to combat your inner critic. That all depends upon you.
  • After the meeting you’ll get written feedback from me, copies of your video recording and targeted exercises that you can do on your own. You’ll also have a follow-up phone call so we can talk over any questions that come up after the session.

How quickly will I see results?

You will see immediate results in the session. That’s because you will be recorded and will watch yourself several times when we meet. You’ll be able to see and hear the results in real time! After the session you’ll have some practical exercises to do on your own that will reinforce the work and if you are consistent about doing them, you’ll continue to see changes in the coming weeks and months. What takes diligence and effort to shift your speaking style in the beginning will quickly become second nature. Then, you’ll be ready to go even deeper and try new ways of interacting.

Wait, you’re recording me? That makes me very nervous.

Good! The reason for using video is to raise the stakes for you and get you into a more intense mental state. My goal is to mimic the experience of being in front of a group so you can practice techniques to combat nerves. And, even more importantly, watching yourself and getting a clear, accurate impression of how you come across is critical to building your skills as a speaker. I once had a client who adjusted his glasses 32 times in a two minute presentation without realizing it. When he saw it on video, well, that cured that habit! Lastly, only you and I will see the video (unless you want to share it!)

Just because I get comfortable with you doesn’t mean I will get comfortable with my boss and large groups, does it?

Getting centered and focused is a learned skill. Once you find your way of working and being grounded it will work for you in any situation. You will have to make adaptations, for sure, just like if you are riding your bike on a large open park path vs. navigating the streets of Manhattan. You are still riding a bike, pedaling and steering, but the obstacles and level of alertness are very different. Once you adapt, it’s just like riding a bike…

I’m terrified and my voice shakes, I blush, I blank, I ….help!

I have over 50 ways to combat nerves and channel that energy into the speech. Everyone has something that can create nerves, hooray, you’re alive! That just means you have something juicy to say. Perhaps you’re going out of your comfort zone…good for you! The first line of defense is breath. Deep belly breaths. Why? Because you begin to enlist your parasympathetic nervous system (the part of you that counteracts the fight or flight response.)

Who do you work with?

In my fifteen years of experience, I’ve worked with professionals of all industries and levels. My sweet spot is working with people who are open to feedback and understand that uncovering their innate public speaking super skills is a process. A process that they must be actively involved in. I want to ensure that my clients are just as invested in progressing as a speaker as I am for them.

What if I don’t do formal presenting very often, does it make sense to work with you now?

I believe that any time you are talking in a professional context, you are speaking publicly. That means, phone calls with clients or colleagues, meetings, etc. So, yes!

You need to find opportunities to “formally” speak at least once a month. It could be a talk at work, for your professional or networking group, but you need to keep presenting to keep your chops up. Rarely do any of us get a chance to get in front of large groups, so if you think of yourself as presenting every time you are on the phone, in a meeting or doing a conference call, you’ll get practice.

How can I work on the unexpected questions and more impromptu speaking?

This is a skill that you learn by doing. You have to constantly ask yourself: what would I say if I were asked a question now? Dale Carnegie called it: being mentally ready. You need anticipate and practice. In the session, I’ll ask you to talk on a bunch of random topics as well as ones you choose, so you will practice!

Do you have a packages?

Yes.  I create custom packages, based on my specific clients’ needs. We can discuss your options, after our first meeting.