Create NYC: Get Over the Fear of Public Speaking
5-Day Challenge

Get Over the Fear of Public Speaking without leaving your living room, joining Toastmasters
or practicing transcendental meditation for 3-hours a day.

Are you tired of stressing about giving presentations?

Do you question your expertise and wonder: does this even make sense?

Then you are like most of us in the working world, just some of us are better than others at dealing with the anxiety that comes with speaking up in meetings or standing up and addressing a group with a PowerPoint shining behind you.  

In this 5-day challenge you will learn: 

  • Ways to slap that anxiety back with relaxation techniques, which you can use on a daily basis. They take about 45 seconds.

  • How to uncover the skills you already possess that make you a unique voice and killer speaker. 

  • Preparation techniques for meetings, phone calls, and the regular, good ol’ stand up public speaking scenarios. 

Over the course of 5 days you’ll receive strategies by email, which you can put into use immediately. For added support, a Facebook group will be open for all challengers to share their wins, ask questions, get support, and conquer their fear, together.

The challenge begins April 22nd!
Are you ready? Of course, because this could be you:

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