How to capture a room's attention and never let go

people laughing

Have you ever met someone new and you just instantly liked him. You felt like he got you and you just wanted to hang out with him all the time. He made you feel smart, interesting and special. He was totally into you. And only you.

That's what your audiences want, too. So do some of these:

  • Talk about what they are into. What lights them up? What is interesting to them and what do they need to know. They will love you for it.
  • Say, "you" a lot. Not "I" or even "we," but YOU. Yes, you, that is all I'm interested in. Okay, "we" can work, too. But mostly, you.
  • Look them in eyes. Right in those eyes. It should be as if you're saying, "Yes, I'm talking to you, even though there are 300 other people in the room. I only have eyes for you." In order to do that for 300 people, (something Bill Clinton mastered) you need to pick out a few people and look at them for at least 3 seconds each. Don't scan the room, lock in and hold for 3 to 5 seconds, then move on to another pair.
  • Use brain-to-brain coupling. When you tell a story or anecdote your brain syncs up with your audience. This is the science behind the phenomena of connection. Read more here: