NYU Course Announcement, Fall 2017: Speaking Without Fear


Join me this Fall Semester at NYU for the course: Speaking Without Fear. The course runs from Oct. 4th through Nov. 29th.

This is an in-person course designed specifically for NYU!

    About the Course:
    Do your fears get the best of you when it comes to public speaking? Are you too intimidated to speak in front of even a small group? Anxiety can undermine self-confidence and can hinder professional and personal endeavors. Overcome the fear of public speaking with tried-and-true strategies that desensitize your fears and help you to perform well in spite of them. Learn how to use self-regulation and self-monitoring techniques to prepare remarks and to deliver them effectively. Have your presentations recorded, and then get constructive feedback from the instructor and the class.


    • Improved verbal communication skills
    • Techniques to increase your confidence

    For more information and to register, follow this link

    I hope to see you soon!